Kerala's tailspin driver is butt of laughter on social media | Video


A car driver, who apparently put the drivers of Fast and Furious to shame, is the new butt of jokes on the internet. A video circulating on social media shows a car spinning out of control on a Kerala road, wet and slippery in the ongoing monsoon spell. The video is shot from a car trailing this 'Michael Schumacher.'

The motorist apparently tries hard to hold the car steady, but with little success. The car veers off the road and stops on one side, the branch of a tree over the vehicle.

As people from other vehicles rush out to rescue, the protagonist, in a casual air, says he just pulled over as he could not control the vehicle.

Those gathered around are heard asking the driver to see where he had stopped. However, the man was not injured though the car suffered some. Onmanorama could not ascertain the location of the accident or its cause.

Kerala's tailspin driver is butt of laughter on social media | Video

Caution needed during rain driving

• The vehicle's glasses should be kept clean during the rainy season. The wiper should be working.

• Check the vehicle's condition before monsoon. Change worn-out tyres. The wiper and the engine should be in good condition.

• The head light and the wiper should be on day and night if it's raining.

• Do not drive fast.

• Use defroster in case of fog on the glasses.

• Drive at a distance from other vehicles.

• A bigger distance is advisable if you are driving behind a truck or bus. Large tyres of those vehicles can hinder your sight by splashing water on to the glass.

• Low beam lights are preferable as high beam could reflect on water drops in the atmosphere.

• Avoid the radio and cell phone while driving.

• Take caution to avoid potholes. Otherwise water could enter the engine and damage it.

• Keep a distance from other vehicles while breaking.