Things to check before driving out a new vehicle from showroom

Things to check while buying a new car

Buying a vehicle is mostly a dream come true for many. And, because of the joy and excitement of the big moment, we often forget to check several things. Lack of knowledge on what to check while buying a new vehicle also leads us to making mistakes. From external damages that are easy to spot to engine troubles that are tough to notice, new vehicles could have several problems. Mostly, these damages could have happened while transporting the vehicle from the manufacturing unit to godowns or showroom. If you are not alert, you could end up with having a damaged product.

Here is a list of things that you need to take care of before driving out a new vehicle from the showroom. Ensure that you follow this checklist:

Second-hand car?

The vehicle that are brought directly from the factory are handed over to customers with the same freshness by most showrooms. But there are some who take customers for a ride. They could hand over cars that have been used as demo vehicles to customers. Such cars are used as demo cars after removing the company-fitted odometer. It is not an easy job to identify such vehicles. But if you find any signs of disconnecting the odometer, in all probability, the car has been used as a demo car or a test-drive vehicle. Please inspect the car carefully to ensure that it has not been used as a demo or test-drive car.

Things to check while buying a new car

Check exhaust smoke

For new vehicles, the exhaust should not emit any smoke at start up. Older vehicles usually emit smoke. We tend to believe that the showroom is selling us a newly manufactured car, but the reality could be different. A new car could have been lying parked in the stockyard for months. Hence dust and dirt could come out of the exhaust pipe when you start the car, and this could mean the showroom owner is handing you over a vehicle that has been lying in the stockyard for months.

Dents and scratches

It is common to think that there is no need to check the body since it is a new vehicle. But make sure that you check the body thoroughly. Check if there are scratches, ripples or dimples or paint overspray that could indicate repairs. It is better you take along somebody who knows a little about vehicles. Ask him to check the vehicle thoroughly. Inform the showroom executives that the ownership of the vehicle should be transferred to your name only after you give the go-ahead after inspecting vehicle.

Things to check while buying a new car

The interiors

You need to inspect the dashboard, door pad, seats and several other components inside the car. But even more important is inspecting the air conditioner. Check how long does the AC take to cool the interior. If it takes long, bring it to the notice of the sales executive. Better, change the vehicle. If a vehicle has been lying idle in a stockyard for long, it could lead to gas leak or gas freeze. Hence it is necessary to check if the AC is functioning properly even if it is a new vehicle.

Electronic fittings

Electronic components are the most inspected parts while carrying out a pre-delivery check. We generally do not forget to check the lights, indicators and wipers. Along with this, ensure that the headlights have enough brightness, apart from other lights that include the door ajar lights, and meters. If the rear-view glasses are electronic, check them too.

Other points

Inspect the battery and its warranty card, the suspension of the vehicle and the condition of its tyres. New cars wouldn't have run more than 150 km. So, it is easy to check the condition of the tyres.

Check if there is any difficulty in using the steering. It should be smooth to operate.

Read through the paperwork. Ensure that you have received all the documents like the invoice, sales certificate, all payment receipts, temporary registration certificate, insurance certificate, original PUC certificate, owner's manual, duplicate keys and warranty certificate. Read them carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes in names or dates. Read Form 22 to ascertain if the vehicle's manufacturing year and month matches with those given by the dealer.

Now, it is time to crank the engine and take home the beauty. Happy motoring!