Using the clutch like this? You are asking for trouble

Using the clutch like this? You are asking for trouble

Clutch control can be a real challenge for those learning to drive. That could be one reason why some people stomp on the clutch as if they have a score to settle. In manual cars, one component that is 'badly treated' by drivers could be the clutch. People repent only when the clutch cable and pads prematurely wear out forcing a replacement.

If you do not use the clutch properly you may end up spending a fortune on clutch repairs. Take a little care and you can avoid costly repairs.

Keep your foot on the clutch only when you have to change the gear. During other times, do not keep your foot on the clutch. Even resting your foot on the pedal means you are putting pressure on it which could affect the complex gear system.

It is not advisable not to continuously 'ride the clutch' while going uphill or downhill. Poor clutch control will cause excessive wear, shortening the life of the plate. Try to negotiate the incline in first or second gear. When you need to stop on a steep hill, use the handbrake to stop rollback.

Even in city traffic, it is not advisable to use half-clutch. Besides, while you take your foot off the clutch pedal, you need to press the accelerator to keep the rpm at 1200-1300 level. Crawling after taking your foot off the clutch pedal is also not advisable.

While changing gear, in order to maintain momentum, some people do not take their foot off the clutch completely. This will also affect the clutch. When you need to stop in traffic, instead of remaining in the first gear and depressing the clutch pedal, it is better to put the gear in neutral.