Synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral – which engine oil is best for your car

Synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral – which engine oil is best for your car

Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle. It keeps the engine and many components of the engine lubricated and work efficiently and smoothly. Oil changes done at regular intervals are vital for the overall functioning of the engine. If you do not change the oil on time, engines component will warp and wear out eventually. Oil must be changed during the specific intervals mentioned by the car maker.

Oils are of different kinds - mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. What are their differences? What are their advantages?

Mineral oil

Mineral oils are a by-product of refining crude oil. Traditionally, mineral oils were used to lubricate engines. They can provide lubrication at high temperatures, as well as maintain their stability over long periods of time. Mineral oils are natural by-product and are cheap. It was first used in Ford's Model T car in 1908. However, compared to semi and synthetic oils, they do not have a long operating life.

Semi-synthetic oils

Semi-synthetic oils contain mineral oil and chemicals. Compared to mineral oils, semi-synthetic oils are better. They provide better lubrication, protection for engine and have a longer life. They are also costlier than mineral oils.

Synthetic oils

Synthetic oils are artificially manufactured and help engine operate more efficiently. Synthetic oils' life, lubrication and engine protection are at a higher level than the other two grades of oil. They are also consistent performers; they can operate normally during both freezing winters and sizzling summers. Synthetic oils also consist chemicals that can reduce the wear and tear of the engine. However, they are costlier compared to the other two.

If you love your vehicle, spend a little more money and use fully synthetic oil. If the engine can run 5,000 km using normal oil, it can run 10,000 km on fully synthetic oils. They ensure a longer life for engine, reduce engine noise and offer a smoother acceleration. You can expect better mileage too.