Do we really need sunroofs on our cars?

Do we really need sunroofs on our cars?

Sunroof is one of the most sought-after special features of cars that are available in the Indian market today. Even smaller cars have started offering it as a feature. The craze is so high that sunroof has become a deciding factor while buying cars. To cash in on the craze, some companies are offering sunroofs as an aftermarket fitting for models that do not have the feature. But do we actually need the feature on our cars?

Sunroof was meant to let sunlight into the car in colder countries. However, gradually the feature became common in countries having different types of climate too. Before opting for one, we should think if it suits our climate or not. In some situations, sunroofs are a blessing. For example, if your car is parked in the open under sun, it will help a lot - open the roof for a few minutes and the hot air inside the car will rise out. In colder areas where the AC is not needed, the sunroof has more advantage.

However, in our circumstances, though it is meant to let in fresh air, we end up with a lot of dust and dirt. Children love the sunroof because they can stick their heads out through it. But it is a dangerous practice.

In case your car has a sunroof, the fresh air and illumination that come through the opening will make your drive a pleasant one. But after the initial fascination, people tend to forget about the feature and may not use it at all. Besides, it is beyond doubt that in our climate conditions, we can't keep the sunroof open for long.

Gradually, the feature could even become a burden. During summers, the sunlight coming in through the sunroof could affect the performance of the air conditioner in the car. You can imagine how messy it can get when you use the sunroof in monsoon. A sunroof that was added as an aftermarket fitment could even impact the safety and rigidity of the vehicle. Besides, as the car ages, the sunroof, which is an electronic feature, will also throw up glitches. Repairing of sunroof could be a costly affair. Hence, before choosing sunroofs, buyers should think if they really need them.