Vineyards attracting tourists

Vineyards attracting tourists
The vineyard in Kambam.

Kumily: The vineyards in the villages of Kerala – Tamil Nadu border are getting ready to attract hordes of tourists with their rich, heavy bunches hanging low on the lush green vines.

Travellers are now flocking to the villages in Kambam, Churulippetti and K K Petti seeking the vast vineyards. Many of the vineyards offer facilities for the tourists to click pictures amidst the ripe gardens and for purchasing directly from the farm.

Earlier, the farmers were not allowing visitors into the vineyards. The grapes were just plucked and sent directly to the market. However, with the tourists arriving in Thekkady starting to visit the farmlands of neighbouring Tamil Nadu as well, the vineyards started to open up. Two vineyards along the National Highway function solely for the tourists.

As the rush of tourists keep on increasing, people have started to discover vineyards lying in interior villages as well. Many vineyards with ripe bunches of grapes can be seen on both sides of Kambam – Churulippetti road, attracting a large number of tourists who pose for pictures and make their farm fresh purchases.