High drama on school campus as popular lady teacher is fired

High drama on school campus as popular lady teacher is fired

Thodupuzha: Last year a language teacher named Bhagwan had hit the headlines nationwide after his pupils at a Government High School in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu pleaded inconsolably for his return.The authorities had to revoke his transfer order as the images of the crying children, as seen in a popular video on the internet, were testimony to his popularity with the students.

More than a year later a school in Kerala was witness to similar incidents after distraught Lower Primary School students there too were found wailing in a viral video as their teacher took leave for good after being served the dismissal order.

Dramatic scenes followed as KR Amrita who was working as a temporary teacher at the Government LP School at Karinkunnam village in Idukki district was suddenly fired by the Assistant Educational Officer (AEO) of the Thodupuzha sub- district. She had received a special order signed by the officer named A Appunni a few minutes ago.

The punitive action was necessitated as parents of some students had submitted a written complaint to the Deputy Director of Education, alleging that Amrita was mentally harassing her students. Besides, it was also charged, in the letter, that Headmistress PS Geetha and another temporary teacher Janila Kumar too were harassing the students. Following this, the Headmistress was suspended by the sub-district educational officer. Meanwhile, Amrita and Janila were fired.

It was by noon on November 1 that the school authorities had informed Amrita about the educational officer’s order and asked her not to come for work anymore.

Amrita who received the order went to her class and broke down in front of the students. When the students began crying and came running to her, Amrita got out of the classroom. A few teachers in the school came to Amrita and reportedly talked harshly to her. In the meantime, some PTA members who arrived at the school booed and insulted Amrita. When Amrita, upset by the PTA members’ insults, ran to the gate, her students too followed her.

“Please, don’t leave us, teacher," her beloved students were heard saying in the video. Seeing them Amrita looked at them for one last time and couldn’t hold back her tears.

The students told the media and the people in the locality that their favourite teacher had never hurt or hit them. Meanwhile, the PTA members tried to attack the media persons and snatch away their cameras amid a minor scuffle.

All these incidents were captured on camera and the images soon made it to the social media.

A few teachers who are members of the left-leaning teachers association had fabricated false complaints against me, Amrita, a native of Anakoodu in Konni, claimed.

The teachers affiliated to the association are taking revenge after I filed a complaint to the Deputy Education Officer (DEO) against a few senior teachers for mentally harassing me, she added.

AEO A Appunni said that these teachers have been found guilty of 17 different violations and that action has been taken after the DEO conducted an investigation in person at the school.

PTA vice-president K Shaji, meanwhile, said that the PTA members hadn’t tried to attack anyone and that the ruckus was created by those who had accompanied the teacher.