Kozhikode city now under high-tech surveillance

Kozhikode city now under high-tech surveillance
Apart from the public places, cameras have been set up at each police station in Kozhikode city.

Kozhikode: Prevention and detection of crime as well as traffic offences have become easier with opening of a modern police control room in the city.

The high-tech control room, from where visuals provided by 76 surveillance cameras installed at various locations in the city can be monitored, was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan the other day via video conference.

All the cameras which were out of order for several years have been repaired now.

Apart from the public places, cameras have been set up at each police station in Kozhikode city, except Women's Police Station and Pantheerankavu, by Keltron. Activities at these places can be observed from the control room.

Kozhikode city now under high-tech surveillance

The high-tech control room functions from a new building that has come up on the left side of the City Police Commissioner Office premises. Fully-air conditioned, the control room has 195 officers working round the clock. Inside the building, the reception of the Pink Police functions behind the main reception. On the right is the room of the Assistant Commissioner L Surendran and next to it sits the sub-inspector.

There are numerous monitors to observe visuals from the 76 cameras and officials constantly keep watch. One section guides the control room vehicles.

How to contact

In case of need, anybody can dial the emergency number '112' which would be received at the control room in Thiruvananthapuram. After identifying the location of the caller, the control room vehicle in the police station of that area would be connected. The officials in the control room in Kozhikode can then monitor the vehicles in its area. By this method, the police claim that their service can be extended to the caller within five minutes.

Kozhikode city now under high-tech surveillance

In Kozhikode city, 20 vehicles and police personnel are always ready to respond to calls made to Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) on 112-100. In addition, eight control room vehicles would be on duty. Apart from these vehicles, Pink Patrol vehicles come to the aid of women and children.

Cameras at police stations

A novelty of the high-tech control room is the monitoring of the police stations. The surveillance cameras installed at the police stations are expected to prevent lock-up torture as well as attacks on the stations and personnel. Moreover, officials at the control room can keep a tab on the visitors to various police stations.

Benefits of new control room

Most of the surveillance cameras in the city were dysfunctional for the last three years, which had proved to be a handicap for the police. Even a theft of Rs 4 lakh from a car parked in the heart of the city is yet to be solved.

The outdoor internet protocol night-vision cameras installed in the city can clearly track an object even 500 m away by zooming into it. Fixed at an angle of 180 degrees, the camera can automatically zoom at spots where there are traffic blocks or crowding of people. This would enable detection of violence during protest marches, said officials.