Sunny Wayne busy with Wayanad relief works

Sunny Wayne at relief works in Wayanad

The State is witnessing a tough time coping with the tragedy that struck Waynad and rescue teams have been working hard with relief operations.

While people from all walks of life have been extending support, celebs too have been joining with various volunteering activities. Among them is actor Sunny Wayne, who have been reaching out to many with relief works. The actor who hails from Waynad considers it as his duty and was seen distributing first aids, food kits and other essentials. A few photos of him workig on ground is doing the rounds on social media as well.

He is also joined by director Midhun Manuel and a few others to give away materials around tribal villages near Kavummandam.

The actor has been posting every update on his social media page as well. Sunny also has been responding to needy comments and personally veryfing things from his end.


He also requested people not to visit Waynad as tourist for now as the place needs more helping hands.