Here's what you should eat post workout

Here's what you should eat post workout

Diet plays as significant a part as working out in the weight loss plan. Fitness experts say that munching on a healthy snack would replenish your body after an intense workout session. However, if you are not indulging in a major workout session, then you should eat a meal only at least two hours after you have finished your workout. Here are some important tips about the post workout diet.

Energy is required to do workouts. The body draws energy from the glycogen that is stored in the muscles. A healthy snack or drink should be consumed after an intense work out session to fill the body with energy.

Protein should be included in your diet if you are trying to build up the muscles. Egg whites and chicken are rich sources of protein. A healthy smoothie made by blending a big banana with a table spoon of peanut butter would be the perfect protein shake. Sprout green grams or brown peas too are excellent storehouses of protein.

Egg White

The amount calorie intake should be cut down if you are trying to shed some extra flab. Include fruits and fruit juices in your daily diet. Watermelon is an amazing choice of fruit for those who are trying to lose weight. The fruit, which has 90% water content in it keeps your body well hydrated and prevents fatigue, without actually adding on calories. A fruit bowl with a dollop of yogurt would be refreshing and healthy as well.


Those who are doing minor workouts to keep your body healthy and fit should eat a snack which is filled with protein and carbohydrates. A slice of bread with some peanut butter or almond butter would be an amazing post workout snack. The white of a boiled egg with a slice of brown bread or a bowl of oats porridge garnished with some raisins too are healthy options.


If you don’t feel like eating anything after working out, try to consume a healthy drink instead. Water, juice or smoothie helps to keep your body hydrated and supplies essential nutrients as well. Beetroot juice helps to enhance the oxygen levels in the cells and also builds the strength of the muscles.