Eat right, score well: Some tips to stay healthy during exams


The exam season is already here and the students and their parents are equally tensed about it. Many children tend to stay up all night, studying right before the exams begin, and often forget to eat nutritious food on time. However, these last minute frantic preparations, ignoring your health, won't do you any good. The health and well-being of the mind and body are as important as systematic revision of the lessons. Food packed with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients have to be consumed by students to keep them mentally sharp and physically strong. Parents should plan all the meals in a day and try to include various dishes that are equally nourishing and enjoyable, in the kids' diet.

The breakfast is the most important meal in a day and it should supply enough nutrition that helps the students take on the day on a healthy and active note. Steamed food is easy on the stomach and aids digestion. Milk, eggs, and lentils increase the tyrosine (amino acid) in the blood and stimulate brain activities.

How and when to eat

Instead of consuming four heavy meals, try eating nutritious snacks in regular intervals. This would make the students energetic and helps to concentrate better on the lessons.

Drink lots of water

Keeping your body well hydrated is very essential. Lack of water in your body would make you feel exhausted and may even affect your studies. Try to include fruits like water melon, orange, lemon and musk melon which have high water content, in your diet. Sipping on boiled water, fruit juices, lemon water, fresh buttermilk and tender coconut water keeps you well hydrated and refreshing throughout the day.

While planning the menu for the children, the parents should make sure that it has enough protein in it. Milk, eggs, fish (sardines, mackerel and tuna which are rich sources of omega 3) and lentils help to maintain the health of the cells. Vitamins B, C and zinc stimulate the functioning of the brain. Besides, it also helps control the hormones which may induce fear of exams among the children. Fruits rich in anti oxidants, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, flax seeds and soybean increases the brain activities, thereby giving better memory power. Phytonutrients contained in fruits and vegetables improves the immunity power of the body.

Light dinner

Food with less fat and more fiber should be eaten for dinner. Too much sweet, sour and spicy food should be avoided at night. Drinking a glass of warm milk after dinner would help grab good sleep.

Try to avoid foods made with all purpose flour, chocolates, bakery snacks, fizzy drinks, packaged food and sweets, especially during the time of the examinations.