Make breakfast interesting with these easy preparations


Many kids develop an aversion towards breakfast as they have to rush through uninteresting dishes before they leave for school. Experts say that children should be served breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some simple recipes which would be enjoyed by the kids.

Chapathi-omelet roll

Smear a dollop of butter on a chapathi

Sprinkle a pinch of sugar too

Place an omelet made with eggs and moringa leaves over it

Roll the chapathi with the omelet inside

It is easy for your kid to eat this nutritious and delicious roll

A glass of his / her favourite juice would complete the meal.

Colourful recipes

Chopped big bananas, pineapples, jack fruits or any fruit of your choice could be added while making puttu

This makes the dish colourful and delicious as well

You can make attractive idis and dosas by adding finely chopped ginger, shallots, beetroots, carrots and capsicum in the batter

Vegetables like beans, carrot and beetroot could make your regular upma extra special

Chopped almonds, cashews, raisins, peanuts and urad dal would add texture, taste and nutrients to the dish.

Healthy soup



2 cups vegetable stock

1 egg (beaten)

½ cup milk

1 tsp crushed almonds, cashews and peanuts

¼ tsp grated cheese


When the vegetable stock begins to boil, add the beaten egg from a height so that it would have thread like consistency

Keep stirring the stock

Turn off the flame and add the milk

Into it add the grated cheese and mix well

Taste for seasoning before garnishing with chopped almonds, cashews and peanuts

Note: Prepare the vegetable stock by cooking chopped tomato, shallots, spinach stems, moringa leaves, green peas, pumpkin, ginger, carrot and potatoes in a pressure cooker along with two cups of water. Squeeze the cooked vegetables well into the stock before using it.