Here are some healthy ingredients for refreshing juice

Here are some healthy ingredients for refreshing juice

Summer is the time when we love to refresh our body and soul with a glass of cool fresh juice. Though fruit juices are extremely popular, delicious and healthy juices could be made with anything that is available in your kitchen. Here are some ingredients which could be turned into refreshing juices.

Nannari root: It keeps the body hydrated. Nannari syrup mixed in water quenches the thirst pretty quickly.

Dried ginger: It improves immunity. Dried ginger has anti bacterial properties and is an excellent remedy against infections.

Coriander and mint leaves: These leaves ease the digestive process. They prevent dehydration and moisturize the skin. As dehydration is mostly seen in women, they should have juices containing coriander or mint leaves in it.

Lime: It provides immunity. Limes maintain the chemical balance in the body and the vitamin C in it increases immunity.

Gooseberries: Excellent for flawless skin. It pushes the heat out of your body, making you feel refreshed. It protects the skin from the piercing heat of the sun. Gooseberries prevent the loss of minerals from your body.

Cashew apple: It retains the alkaline nature of the human body. The body tends to get acidic during the summer. Cashew apple reduces the acidic features and maintains the alkaline nature.