5 unconventional sweets you must try making this Diwali

5 unconventional sweets you must try making this Diwali

It's always that spread of mithai that adds the whole glamor to Diwali. Served to your loved ones, Diwali sweets -whether they're ladoos or gulab jamuns - brighten up our homes just like the diyas. But we really are tired of the ladoos and jilebis routine. Moreover the millennials in our families are constantly on the hunt for some fancy desserts or treats that look cool. Onmanorama picks five novel Diwali sweets that you can relish this season.

» Strawberry shrikhand

Try out a simple yoghurt based dessert, and we bet it will be the best way to end a great festive meal. The addition of strawberries will makes it all the more awesome!

Strawberry Shrikhand

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» Beetroot halwa

Who says no when its a sweet afterall! One of the most nutritious vegetables, beetroots take a new avatar. Get ready to enjoy it in the form of our most traditional dessert - the halwa!

Beetroot Halwa

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» Potato jamun

A sure shot winner among the kids, potato jamun are easy to whip up. They are smooth, soft and delicious also.

Potato Jamun

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» Vermicelli mango mousse

Vermicelli, mango and mousse do sound like an unlikely trio, but they merge together to make a mouth-watering dessert, not to mention, the eye-catching looks!

Vermicelli Mango Mousse

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» Deepavali medicine

A sweet that doubles up as a medicine to ensure that your family enjoys a healthy Diwali.

Deepavali Medicine

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