Be lockdown ready, stock your pantry with these essentials

Certain other precautions also need to be taken while storing food in the fridge.

It is lockdown time and people have been finding interesting ways to cope with the perils of staying in for three weeks. As imperative as it is to comply with the guidelines of this nation-wide lockdown to fight the coronavirus, many have been hoarding groceries to last them more than a month. But getting supplies is not the real challenge you will face in kitchen.

With change in routine, comes change of diet and to avoid coming out of the quarantine unfit, it is necessary to include nutritious and filling food in your daily diet. Next culinary challenge would be keep your taste buds from getting bored while not compromising on your health.

All these factors plus long shelf-life are to be kept in mind while shopping for groceries on a lockdown. Here is a compact list of food items that you may stock up for an uncompromising diet during the lockdown:



You may buy milk cartons that have a longer shelf life than your regular packeted milk. It is also advised to freeze the excess cartons to store them longer. Milk is going to form an essential part of your quick breakfast if you are working from home. You will also need it for your evening tea or coffee because not everyone likes their brews black.

Freeze the fruit yogurts for a healthy snack or a mini meal.



Speaking of breakfast, people working from home might not get enough time to make elaborate breakfast and that is where cereal saves the day. You can choose from a wide variety of cream-filled to chocolate covered cereal. Muesli and oats would be healthier, high-fibre options so buy a kilogram of all these and mix it up as you like!

Broken wheat

Broken wheat payasam

A warm bowl of kanji is always a good idea and replacing rice with broken whole wheat is going to help you stay fit. You can also use broken wheat to make upma or payasam and also use it in salads.

Ghee/coconut oil


Using cooking oils sparingly will not only make them last longer but also curb your fat intake. For you expensive options, go for olive oil that may also be used on salads.



If you are going to be forced into vegetarianism due to lack of fresh meat, it is advised to maintain protein intake with dals and beans. Get a variety of dal to break the monotony and try different recipes like dal fry, tadka and more.


These are the delicious roti varieties in India | Shutterstock

Stock up on whole wheat or multi grain flour and avoid the empty calories of all-purpose flour or maida. Even semi-cooked chappatis have sufficient amount of maida in them so go for it and make healthy chapathis from the scratch.



Everyone gets snack-y sitting at home! Don't hog on store-bought fried snacks or chips. Instead go for dried nuts like almonds, cashews, or whichever you like, that will also be a source of energy and keep you from getting lethargic. Also add these nuts to make your salads filling and interesting.

Dried/canned fish


Supply of fresh fish is bound to get affected so make up for those daily nutrients by opting for the next best thing - dried fish or onnakameen. You may also go for canned fish, if available as they are usually preserved naturally in brine.



Yes, you will regret not buying this with your regular groceries because chocolate cravings might hit you when you least expect them. Go for options with higher dark cocoa and less sugar content as curfew is no time for guilty pleasures!