Six Malayali Insta profiles to follow if you are a foodie

Instagram food photography

Being a good chef and food stylist would make you win over many hearts (or tummies for that matter). But it takes some more effort to charm a virtual audience. You have to be a good chef, presenter, artist and photographer, all at the same time. Here we give you a list of six Instagram users from Kerala who found this charm and won the praise of gourmets.

Rias Collection

From scallops to croissants, and cup cakes to puttu and kadala curry, professional baker Ria Mathew's collection is truly an abode of epicures. She posts tempting photographs of dishes native to Kerala as well as exotic ones. Ria, who currently resides at Minnesota, calls herself “an accidental food blogger from Kannur ”.

Foodolicious Pictured

The profile managed by Rekha Vengalil stands out with establishing a background for each food picture. Each of her photos tell a story, some of tradition and nostalgia, some of the cultural transitions of food. And unlike other food channels, Rekha makes food ingredients also a topic with like the one of scraping coconut in a traditional Keralite household.

Swapna Mickey

An ardent food blogger, Swapna is a food stylist too. And trust us, she is really good at it. Numerous photos of cakes and desserts posted by Swapna on her Instagram account garnered her a devoted fan following. The photographs of customized cakes by her are also a treat for eyes.

Rafeeda- The big Sweet Tooth

Rafeeda, who blogs under the name 'the Big Sweet Tooth', has everything that can make a sweet tooth crave at her Instagram profile. Several photographs of sugary, syrupy and chocolaty desserts and snacks made by her are enough to make a foodie go crazy over.

Kaveri Venkatesh

Rejoice vegetarians. This one profile is for you. Kaveri Venkatesh, a Pune-based school teacher from Palakkad, posts the photographs of some unique vegetarian dishes belonging to the Palakkadu Iyer community. The portrait pictures are set with some simple yet clever properties so that they convey the essence of the dishes.

Sarah Naveen

The posts by Sarah are mostly not about a particular dish or recipe, but of vast meals that feature many alluring food items on the table. The photographs of sumptuous seasonal feasts are enough to make a Kerala food lover drool.

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