Ambya humman, a spicy-tangy mango gravy


What is more versatile than a ripen mango? It goes in the dessert row, still ruling the picke jars. It's the essence of some real spicy side dishes while melting down in a payasam. In a nutshell, when it is the mango-season, every eatery out there is mangoish. Here is a distinctive gravy made out of ripen mangoes which is an inevitable side dish in a traditional Kongani meal.


2 ripe mangoes, cut unpeeled

2-3 red chillies

1 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp powdered black pepper

2 sprig curry leaves

1 cup grated black cane jaggery

1 cup grated white cane jaggery

2 cups of water

1 tbsp coconut oil

Salt for taste


Boil water in a sauce-pan

Add mango pieces and seeds

Cover the pan and leave till the mangoes are cooked

Heat another pan and melt the jaggeries

Filter molten jaggery and remove dirt

Add molten jaggery to the cooked mangoes

Add salt and mix the gravy well

Cover the pan and leave till the ingredients boil

Heat oil in a pan

Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds

Once the mustard seeds pop, add curry leaves, red chillies and powdered black pepper

Add this tempering to the thickened mango gravy