Try these two tasty drinks that are as special as love

Try these two tasty drinks that is as special as love

Love is as fierce and passionate as a beautiful piece of poetry. Valentine’s Day must be just like any other day for those who are already in love. They may have celebrated it many a times and enjoyed the charm of it. However, the lovers' day becomes extra special for those nurturing a heart, beating with genuine yet unconfessed love for someone. The Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to confess your love to that special one. Your pounding heart must be anxious to know whether your love would be accepted or rejected. However, sipping a delicious cocktail while looking into each other’s eyes is surely going to be magical and you would wish for those moments to never end.

The flavour of the Valentine's Day menu should be mild and the taste of those special dishes should linger on your palettes, just like the sweet love. Here are two easy recipes of delicious cocktails which would be the perfect drinks while expressing your love.

Carrot cocktail juice



1 carrot

1 beetroot

Half of an apple

½ tbsp lemon juice

Sugar as required

1 cup cold water


Wash the carrot, beetroot and apple and cut it into small pieces

In a blender add the carrots, beetroots, apple, lemon juice, sugar and cold water

Blend it well

Pass the juice through a sieve

Serve cold in attractive glasses.

Gooseberry red juice



4-5 gooseberries (deseeded and cut into small pieces)

½ tbsp lemon juice

6 black grapes

4 tsp sugar

Small piece of ginger

3 cups cold water or soda


Blend the gooseberries, lemon juice, grapes, sugar, ginger and cold water or soda well

Pass it through a sieve and serve.