Top 10 recipes to make for Onam sadya


One of the most exciting parts of the Onam celebrations is definitely the Onasadya, the elaborate spread of mouthwatering delicacies served on fresh plantain leaf. From the piping hot rice and dal with a dash of ghee to the avial and sambar, and finally the delicious payasam (dessert), the sadya is truly a unique gastronomic experience where your taste buds are treated to myriad flavours.

Serving the dishes on the plantain leaf is an art, making the sadya platter visually stunning and appetizing. Check out recipes of 10 delicious dishes that could be served for this year's special onasadya.

Varutharacha inji curry

Inji Curry

The great sage Vararuchi has called the sweet, spicy, and tangy inji curry as equal to 108 dishes. Inji curry which has the goodness of fresh ginger and other aromatics can be stored up to 10 days. Try this easy recipe of varutharacha inji curry with roasted coconut in it.

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Banana chips

Banana chips

A few plantain chips served on the left end of the plantain leaf add colour, crunch and texture to the sadya. Here is how you could make crispy and wafer thin plantain chips.

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Dates puli inji

puli inji

Dates puli inji is the super star among sweet dishes on your sadya platter. It tastes best with piping hot rice and all other curries. Try out this simple recipe of dates puli inji for this year's Onam sadya.

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Special olan


Bottle gourd is the main ingredient of this special olan which is an unavoidable dish for the onam sadya. This dish could be prepared by grinding raw or roasted coconut as per your preference. The one made using raw coconut mixture is white in colour, while the olan prepared with roasted coconut has a light brown hue.

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Mango pachadi

Pachadi prepared with rich curd and tangy mango is a must-have this Onam. It adds a subtle balance to all the curries on sadya platter.

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Kalan, which has a slightly creamy texture, tastes similar to puliserry. This sour dish plays a vital role in balancing flavours in Onam sadya.

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Parippu (dal curry)


Sadya cannot be served without pouring a spoonful of thick and fragrant dal curry over hot rice. It tastes best with ghee and crumbled papadams. The delicious combination of dal curry and ghee acts as the perfect starter for the nutritious sadya.

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Special avial


Avial made with a number of nutritious and colourful vegetables holds a majestic position on the sadya platter. Seven delicious vegetables are used in this recipe of avial which is pretty easy to prepare.

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Chenathandu cheru payar thoran

Yam Stem and Green Gram Thoran

The yam stem and green gram 'thoran' (stir fry) is an incredibly tasty and nutritious dish that is loaded with healthy protein and fibres. The dish would taste best if it is prepared using organic yam stem grown in your backyard.

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Ilaneer payasam


The perfect way to finish an amazing sadya is to have some ilaneer or tender coconut payasam which is delicious and refreshing as well. Both the sweet water and soft flesh of tender coconut are used to prepare this dessert.

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