Five Lent special recipes

Five Lent special recipes

It's time to start thinking about Lent and to start fasting. Believers shun worldly pleasures and most of them go vegetarian. Here are few recipes you can consider this time during Lent.

Curd rice

Thayiru Sadam

Thayir sadam is soul food. The kind of preparation that one can have any given day, for it's nutritional, tasty and easy to make. With added seasoning, this preparation is just the right thing for Indian summers.

Special sambar

Special sambar

Sambar is a south Indian curry eaten along with breakfast and lunch. Whether it is idli, dosa, vada or rice, this Special sambar is the best combination you could try at home during Lent.

Kootu curry

Koottu curry | Shutterstock

Koottu curry is a Kerala dish used in breakfast as well as lunch. This spicy and thick curry goes well with rice and chapathi. Koottu curry itself means side dish.

Tender coconut appam

Tender coconut appam

An appam unlike its fluffy with crispy edged variant, the tender coconut appam is tiny, but easily made and packs in a load of taste.

Kovakka stir fry


Fruits and vegetables should be added generously into your diet to keep you healthy and charged.

Kovakka or ivy gourd is an easily available vegetable that is even grown in our backyards in abundance. It improves the immunity power of the body and fights diabetes as well. Try out this simple recipe of ivy gourd and cashews thoran which healthy and tasty as well.