Holi special recipe: Dudhi halwa

Make Holi special with these delicacies

Mouth-watering dudhi halwa/lauki halwa make the colourful festival of Holi complete. As you revel in the festival of colours this month, make sure to prepare some delicacies for a good time with friends and family.


600 grams lauki / bottle gourd / doodhi / ghiya

1/4th cup ghee / clarified butter

5 cashew chopped

5 almond, chopped

2 tbsp raisins

Half cup milk

3/4th cup sugar


Heat 1/4th cup ghee and roast 5 cashew, 5 almond and 2 tbsp raisins.

Fry nuts to golden brown and keep aside. Now add in grated lauki and saute for 5 minutes. Saute till the lauki shrinks slightly and changes colour.

Add in half cup milk and mix well. Cook for 10 minutes or till milk thickens and lauki gets cooked completely.

Further add in 3/4th cup sugar and mix well.

Sugar melts and boils for 5 minutes or till it thickens.

Add in khoya into lauki mixture and mix well.

Keep stirring till the mixture thickens and forms a mass.

Add in roasted nuts and 1/4th tsp cardamom powder. Mix well.

Finally, transfer dudhi halwa / lauki halwa to a bowl and serve hot.