Mulaku chutta chammanthi- crushed dried chili and shallots to serve with Kappa


Most of us belong to a crowd that struggles to find their self between a generation of millennials and a generation that spent their youth in the so-called cultural 'golden age'. For us, the 80's and 90's kids, things are reminiscences of a beautiful past- childhoods enriched with a myriad of colors and flavors. Flavors are something that help us to relive those memories. Dishes that filled our tummy and heart at the same time will help us maintain this connection.

One such recipe is hot and sour crushed dried chili and shallot chutney. The recipe will take you back to those times when you sprinted back home from school to eat Amma's special crispy ghee dosa/chenda kappa and mulaku chutta chammanthi.


8 dried red chilies

1/4 cup shallots

1 tsp soaked cocum

2 tsp coconut oil

Salt as required


Heat oil in a plan

Fry the dried chilies for 2 minutes

Gently crush the chilies, cocum and salt in a mixer grinder

Add shallots and grind coarsely

Add oil to the chutney

Mix thoroughly

Your mulaku chutta chammanthi is ready to be served