Kannimanga achar

mango pickle

Kanni manga or tender mango pickle is part of the quintessential Kerala cuisine. The sour and spicy pickle could be stored for up to six months. Here is how you could prepare kanni manga achar at home.


¾ kg tender or small mangoes
1 tsp fenugreek powder (dry roasted and powdered)
1 ½ tsp crushed mustard seeds
Rock salt as required
Boiled and cooled water as required
10 tbsp chili powder


Wash the tender mangoes and wipe them well
Some part of the stalk should be retained while separating the rest
There should be some sap on the stalk as well
In a stone jar add a layer of rock salt
Add a layer of tender mangoes on top of that
Pour the chili powder mix (chili powder blended with boiled and cooled water in a mixer jar)
This chili powder mix should fill half of the jar
Add the rest of the tender mangoes
Pour boiled and cooled water over it
Now add the fenugreek powder 
Add the crushed mustard seeds as well
Dip a piece of white cotton cloth in sesame oil
Place the oil cloth over the pickle
Seal the mouth of the jar using another cotton cloth
This spicy pickle tastes amazing with hot kanji (rice gruel).