Kappa thoran


This should top your list of never-tried-before recipes. Finely scraped tapioca stir-fry topped with some crunchy pappadam to surprise you!


2 cups finely grated/chopped tapioca

¼ cup scraped coconut

¼ cup onion chopped fine

2 sprigs curry leaves

1 tsp sliced green chilli

2 tsp black gram/urad dal

½ tsp mustard seeds

2 dried red chillies

Salt, as required

A few pappadam to be fried at last


Light the stove and place a pan of water

Let the water in the pan come to a boil

Add the scraped tapioca to the boiling water

Let it cook until the water becomes frothy and boils over

Pour the mixture through a sieve and let the cooked tapioca dry itself of the water

Take another pan, pour oil

Drop the mustard seeds into the oil

Add the black gram and then the dried red chillies

Drop the curry leaves into the pan

Now add the onion slices and saute well

Add the tapioca slices and mix well

Add enough salt

Add the scraped coconut, mix well and keep aside

Now, deep fry the pappadams

Lay the thoran in a bowl, crush the pappadams over it, give it a mix and it's ready