Kilimeen curry


This is probably the Kerala seafood lover's dream come true recipe – shallow-fried fish immersed in spiced coconut milk.


½ kg threadfin bream/pink perch (Kilimeen)

Turmeric powder, as required

Salt, as required

1 cup thin coconut milk

¾ cup thick coconut milk

A small ball of tamarind
1 onion, sliced fine

Oil, as required

3 green chillies, slit

¼ tsp cumin seeds

½ inch piece of ginger

4-5 pieces of garlic

Coriander leaves, to garnish


Mix together salt and turmeric powder

Take the fish, and smear the mixture on them and keep side

Light the stove and put a dosa pan over it

Pour 3 tbsp oil onto the pan

Once the oil is hot, lay the fish on the pan

Flip the fish and let the other side get cooked

Pass the fish onto a plate once cooked

In another pan, pour oil

When it's hot, add the onion

Saute well and then add the green chillies

Add the salt

Once the onion pieces have browned well, pour in the thin coconut milk

Add the fish to the gravy

Make ¼ cup juice of the tamarind by mixing it with water

Add the tamarind juice to the fish curry

Give it a light stir

Add the thick coconut milk and take off the flame