Meen puliyila


Tangy tamarind leaves mashed and mixed with anchovy, and steamed inside plantain leaf certifies this to be a wonderful dish.


¼ kg Indian anchovy

1 cup tender tamarind leaves

¼ cup scraped coconut

7-8 bird's eye chilli

2 tbsp shallots

Salt, as required

¼ cup oil


Add the tender tamarind leaves to the mixer

Put in the bird's eye chilli, shallots, salt and coconut

Grind it well to a smooth paste

Add the oil in between and grind again

Add the ground paste to a bigger bowl

Toss in the anchovy

Mix them well together until the fish have blended well with the masala

Now, on a plantain leaf, spread half the mixture evenly

Fold the leaf

Repeat the same with the next plantain leaf and fold

Now, light the stove, put a dosa pan over it

Lay the plantain leaves with the fish mixture on the pan

Simmer and let it stay until one side of the leaf has started to brown

Put a weight on the leaves so that they stay down and get cooked faster

Let it cook on very low heat

Flip the stuffed plantain leaves and let the other side cook well

Once both sides turn brown, it is ready to be kept out to cool

Serve with hot rice