Tender Mango Pickle

Tender Mango Pickle

This recipe for pickling bite-sized tender mangoes is a keeper!


For marinating the mangoes:

6 kg tender green mangoes

Salt to taste

Approximately 6 litres water

For preserving the mangoes in brine:

Wash the mangoes well and wipe dry.

Dissolve the salt in the water, which should be just sufficient to immerse the mangoes.

Bring to boil. Cool and strain.

Place the mangoes in a large, dry jar.

Stir the salt solution and pour over the mangoes.

Close the jar with an airtight lid and seal with wax. Alternatively, tie a soft cloth around the lid and seal with

cellophane tape.

Preserve for two weeks before using for pickle.

For the pickle

1 kg salted tender mangoes

½ cup chilli powder

¼ cup mustard seeds

½ cup gingelly oil


Ladle 1 ½ cups brine from the jar in which the mangoes are preserved, into a bowl.
Soak the chilli powder in a little brine.
Powder the mustard seeds and asafoetida, after lightly frying in gingelly oil.
Mix the soaked chilli powder and the powdered ingredients and grind to a paste. Mix in the remaining brine.
Add this to the salted mangoes.


Preserve the mangoes in brine in a 10-litre jar. The liquid should cover the mangoes. If more liquid is required, use the brine from the salted mangoes, adding more chilli powder to it, if necessary.