Chiratta puttu


Go back to basics with this recipe that used a traditional method of making chiratta puttu – coconut shells.


1 cup rice flour (puttu podi)
¾ to 1 cup grated coconut 
¾ cup water


Mix salt water with ¾ cup of water
In a large bowl, take the puttu podi and sprinkle salt water
Mix salt water with puttu podi and keep for 20 minutes
This helps the flour to soak and become soft
After 20 minutes mix it well again using your hand and try to break all lumps
If there are lots of lumps, take it all and grind it using mixer grinder (max 3 to 4 seconds)
Clean a half coconut shell (cup shape) and make a hole in its eye (It easier if you immerse the coconut shell in water for a day).
Boil the water in a traditional puttu maker
Fill a quarter of the coconut shell with coconut scrapings and the balance portion with the flour
Fix the filled coconut shell on the pot's mouth, when it starts steaming. Spread a wet cloth over the coconut shell to prevent steam escaping through the sides
Steam it for 10 to 15 minutes.
When cooked, remove coconut shell from puttu pot and carefully shake the puttu on to a plate
Serve with the accompaniment of your choice (kadala curry, banana etc.)