Spicy nadan chicken roast in pepper marinade


Roasting chicken or duck in green pepper marinade is a speciality at the Christian households in Northern Kerala. Fresh pepper corns are grown in the courtyards of most of the houses and they are an unavoidable ingredient in the dishes. The pepper corns are incredibly fragrant and flavoursome, and hence are known as the king of spices. It in fact is one of the main cash crops of Kerala.

The name pepper in English is derived from the Sanskrit word pippali, which has incredible medicinal properties. Consuming pepper is a good remedy for problems related to phlegm, flu and cold, and it is also easy on the stomach by regulating the digestive process. There are many quintessential recipes in the Kerala cuisine which uses freshly ground green pepper as a main ingredient or marinade. If green pepper corns are not available, the dried or black pepper too could be used.

1 chicken
1 tbsp pepper
1/2 tbsp green pepper corns
1 bulb garlic (10 cloves)
1 inch garlic piece
Salt as required
Curry leaves as required
5 potatoes (medium sized)

Wash the chicken and score it
Ground the pepper, green pepper corns, garlic, ginger, and salt together into a paste
Marinate the scored chicken with this pepper marinade
Pressure-cook the marinated chicken and peeled potatoes
Cook for 5 minutes in low flame with the lid off
When the water begins to reduce, add 1 cup of water if required
Cook until the pressure cooker lets off 1-2 whistles
In heated pan or metal wok add the cooked chicken and potatoes
Roast the chicken and potatoes well by flipping it
Serve hot on a bed of fresh salad and greens.