Delicious banana coconut honey pancake

Delicious banana coconut honey pancake

With the incredible flavours of banana and honey, this is a wholesome dish that can be had for breakfast. Coconut adds oodles of texture to the tasty pancake which is quite easy to make. This recipe is simple and can be prepared in a jiffy.


5 tsp all purpose flour

4 tsp corn flour

5 tsp wheat flour

1 egg (beaten)

50 ml milk

2 tsp sugar

50 ml water

For filling

½ tsp ghee

½ tsp butter

2 tsp honey

1 big banana (finely chopped)

2tbsp grated coconut

Pinch of cardamom / cinnamon powder


Into a bowl add the all purpose flour, corn flour, wheat flour, beaten egg, milk and sugar.

Add water as required and mix well into pancake batter with medium thick consistency.

Pour this batter on a non-stick pan and make thin pancakes of 9 inches in size.

To make the filling heat ghee and butter in a pan and roast the chopped bananas for three minutes.

Into it add the grated coconut and cardamom/cinnamon powder.

Mix well.

Place a spoonful of the filling in each pancake and roll it.

Drizzle honey on top of the pancakes before serving.