Barley porridge to boost immunity during monsoon

Barley porridge

Barley is as nutritious as oats when it comes to incredible health-boosting properties. Consuming barley can improve immunity and keep away skin problems. Babies above six months can be fed barley porridge or barley water. Barley is loaded with fibre and hence aids digestion. Consuming barley during the blazing summer helps cool down the body. Here's how you could prepare nutritious barley porridge.


2 tbsp barley

Water, as needed
Sugar, as need


Wash the barley well and dry roast them in a pan on high flame for 2 minutes
Now lower the flame to medium and roast for 4-5 minutes
The water in the barley should be evaporated completely
Turn off the flame and allow the roasted barley to cool down
Add the barley into the small jar of the mixer and grind into fine powder
This barley powder could be stored in an airtight container up to 2 months
To prepare the porridge, boil a tablespoon full of barley in a cup of water, on medium flame
Stir continuously
Add sugar, if required
The porridge would begin to thicken in 5-8 minutes
Add fruit pulp or boiled and mashed vegetables into it
Mix well and turn off the flame.