Spinach omelette

Spinach omelette

Spinach is a storehouse of iron which is excellent to cure anaemia. You could easily make delicious omelettes using spinach or moringa leaves to give it an extra boost of nutrients and proteins. Besides, it eases the digestive process as well. Check out this very easy recipe of tasty spinach omelette.


½ cup spinach leaves

1 green chilli

Small piece ginger

2 cloves garlic

¼ cup gram flour

Salt as required

1 tsp oil

3 shallots


Wash the spinach leaves and finely chop them

Heat oil in a pan and sauté ginger, green chilli, garlic and shallots

When they turn brown in colour, add the spinach leaves and salt as well

Sauté until the spinach is cooked well

Mix a smooth batter using gram flour, water and salt

Heat a tawa and grease it

Add the spinach mix into the gram flour batter

Mix well

Pour this batter on the hot tawa like an omelette

You could add some chopped tomatoes if you like

Cook both sides of the spinach omelette by flipping it.