Kudos to Kerala Police! It is second-best in the country

Kudos to Kerala Police! It is second-best in the country

New Delhi: The best police force in the whole country after Delhi is in Kerala, according to a study report. Maharashtra is in the third position in overall excellence after these two.

The report on country's policing (2019) by the Lokniti Centre for the Study of Developing Societies and Common Cause considered several factors such as strength, infrastructure and budget allocation, while ranking the police forces in the country.

Both Delhi and Kerala are on the same platform when it comes to the strength of the force. However, Delhi stands one step ahead of Kerala in infrastructure, the report pointed out. While the infrastructure index point for Delhi is 1.03, for Kerala it is 0.89.

However, Maharashtra leads the list for budget allocation.

There are 26 stations in India that do not have telephone or wireless phone, as per the statistics of 2016.These stations are in Jharkhand, Nagaland and Odisha states. Kerala boasts of maximum police stations with such facilities. Each police station in the station has 6 computers on an average. In several stations, there are 10 computers, as per the report.

There are also police stations with no vehicles in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Telangana, while Kerala stood at a much better position in this aspect too.

However, Kerala is not in a comfortable position over number of heavy-duty police vehicles. Even when it comes to own land, other states fare better than Kerala. The police stations and the surrounding land are much larger in other states.