Ration card holders to get 3 varieties of rice this month

Ration Card

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Civil Supplies Department has decided to distribute three varieties of rice to ration card holders in the state during the month of May.

As per the order issued in this regard, each person included in the Priority Households (PHH) category or Pink card would be given 4 kg of rice at Rs 2 per kg. This would comprise 2 kg boiled rice, 1.5 kg raw rice and 500 grams ‘Matta’ rice.

Meanwhile, the NPS (Blue) card holders can buy 2 kg rice at Rs 4 per kg. This would include 500 grams each of raw rice and Matta rice and one kg boiled rice.

The NPNS section holding White ration cards would be provided 2 kg of rice at Rs 10.90 per kg. This includes 500 grams each of raw rice and Matta rice and one kg boiled rice.

In addition, Blue and White card holders can get an extra 10 kg rice at Rs 15 per kg. This would include 7 kg boiled rice and 3 kg raw rice. However, Matta will not be sold.

As usual, Yellow card holders under Priority section can get 30 kg rice and 5 kg of wheat free of cost.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Retail Ration Dealers' Association said that selling 500 grams of rice would pose problems for not only dealers but also card holders.

At the same time, the authorities have stopped supplying rice to people lacking ration cards after accepting an affidavit from them.

The Department also said that provisions kits for non-priority (subsidy) card holders possessing Blue ration cards would be distributed from Friday. The dates are: May 8 - card numbers ending in 0. May 9 - 1. May 11 - 2, 3. May 12 - 4, 5. May 13 - 6, 7. May 14 - 8, 9.

People having non-priority (non-subsidy) White cards can collect the kits from May 15.