Touching reunion! 66-year-old meets father, aged 94, for the first time!

Touching reunion! 66-year-old meets father, aged 94, for the first time!
Balan with his father Krishnan.

Kottakkal: It was a unique reunion - Balan, a man aged 66, met his father Krishnan for the first time. Those who witnessed the emotionally surcharged meeting were 94-year-old Krishnan's children from another marriage after leaving Balan's mother.

It all started when Karunakaran, a retired chief manager of the State Bank of India residing in Kasaragod, decided to search for the roots of his father Krishnan at Indianoor, a village in Kottakkal, in Malappuram district.

On arriving at Krishnan's ancestral house Padikkal Parambil in Indianoor, Karunakaran learnt that his father had a son named Balan by another wife. Subsequent enquiries revealed that Krishnan had initially married Malukkutty of Marakkara and Balan was their only child. However, on the 20th day after Balan's birth, Krishnan left home in search of a job, never to return.

Krishnan's travel from Indianoor seeking employment led him to Kasaragod, over 200 km away, where he started working as a mason. He soon settled down in Kasaragod and married a local woman named Madhavi. They had four children, including Karunakaran. Madhavi passed away five years ago.

Karunakaran told his father's relatives at Padikkal Parambil that he wished to meet Balan. On learning that his father was living in Kasaragod, Balan travelled to the northern town on Kerala's border for the stirring encounter.