Bollywood diva Charu Kashyap shares skincare secrets

Charu Kashyap.
Charu Kashyap. Photo: IANS

New Delhi: She is every girl's envy on beauty and fashion fore front. If you need lessons on how to look perfectly put together all the time, Charu is your go-to star.

The actress spills some beans on her beauty regime which she follows.

"Removing makeup before sleeping and wearing sunscreen every day are two things I swear by" says Charu.


"I am most particular about removing all my makeup and keeping my skin clean before I go to bed. No matter how tired I am or how hectic my day has been, I always make it a point to take it off " says the actress who wears makeup, including occlusive base products like foundation, on a regular basis, so cleansing is key.

Kashyap is also a fan of a skincare routine that exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates the skin. She relies on sunscreen, which she "applies twice a day" and a night cream to hydrate the skin "Sunscreen is important. If not worn it can damage your skin from within. I wear a sunscreen every day irrespective of the weather."

When asked about her favourite skin care brands "I love brand like Esteel Lauder and Clinique, they do some really good skin care".