Can you believe, this chic Kochi house stands on 0.63 cent

This quaint yet stylish house, in 512 sq ft area, has living and dining areas, kitchen, two bedrooms, stairway and a common bathroom.

It is no big secret that even a cent of land in the heart of the Kochi city costs a bomb. Janson, who owned exactly 0.63 cent in the residential colony behind the St. Theresa’s College, didn’t hesitate to build his dream home here. Many were skeptical about his decision as it is extremely difficult to build a decent house even in 2 cents. Besides, Janson was short of money to build a new house. Janson had then approached engineer Anoop Francis to help him build his dream abode.

Concrete and building blocks were avoided to lower the expenses. The engineer suggested building the structure using a unique technology called the prefabricated steel structure.

After building a rubble foundation, the frame or the structure was made using steel square pipes. Fibre cement boards were then screwed onto these steel pipe frames to build the walls. The fibre cement walls were painted in attractive hues after applying a coat of putty. The weightless steel structure was chosen as the surface of the ground wasn’t very firm.

This quaint yet stylish house, in 512 sq ft, has living and dining areas, kitchen, two bedrooms, stairway and a common bathroom. Steel rods and aluminum sheets were installed in layers on the roof of the ground floor. Gypsum false ceiling is done below it. The wiring works are done in the open conduit style to avoid cutting chases on the walls.

The sliding glass door in the dining area brings in lots of natural sun shine and fresh air. A vertical garden, arranged as part of the boundary wall, add a hint of pleasant greenery.

The construction of this charming house, including the structure and furnishing, was completed on a modest budget of Rs 8 lakh.

The most amazing advantage of the houses built using the prefabricated steel technology is that the construction would be completed in just 2 – 3 months. Besides, it requires less number of workers. This structure is sturdy and long lasting. There is no wastage of the construction materials and the steel can be reused as well. The fibre cement boards can be unscrewed to rearrange the interior spaces as per your wish. Even the entire house can be removed and relocated to a different place. These environmental friendly houses are incombustible and are resistant to termite attacks as well.

Project Facts

Location – Near St.Theresa’s College, Kochi

Plot – 0.63 cent

Area – 512 SFT

Owner – Janson

Designer – Anoop Francis

Mob - 9847027285