Colonial style lends a majestic charm to this Thrissur house

From the gate to the interiors, uniformity in style that matches the elevation of the house could be perceived.

Johnson’s brand new house at Varakkara in Thrissur with enchant you with its elegant features and beautiful interiors. The magnificence of the colonial architecture grants a regal look to the exteriors of this house. The family credits architect Sanil Chacko of the ‘Spacescape Architects’ based in Thrissur for designing their dream dwelling with such beauty and panache.

Minimalist style

The house is designed in a minimalist style that perfectly suits the geographical features of the locality and the lifestyle of the family. Both the exteriors and the interiors don lighter shades of hues that are extremely soothing to the eyes. The slanted roof lends the perfect colonial look to this stunning house.

Common areas like the living and the dining spaces and the courtyard are arranged in one part of the house while the kitchen with the adjacent work area and pantry are on the other side. Meanwhile, bedrooms are at the opposite end to ensure enough privacy. A beautiful blend of earthy tones, white and wooden shades are used for furnishing. The white vitrified tiles paved on the floor add an elegant charm to the interior spaces.

From the gate to the interiors, uniformity in style that matches the elevation of the house could be perceived. The house has been built on the theme of nature. The position of the foyer instantly attracts the attention. The foyer is connected to other areas without hampering the privacy of this space. The formal and family living areas, dining space and the stair area are all arranged around this beautiful water body. Indoor plants are planted to block the direct view of the dining area from the foyer space. Besides adding a hint of greenery these plants fill the interiors with incredible positive energy as well.

The dining area faces the vertical garden that has been arranged outside. An opening above the dining area brings in lots of natural light. The family living area and the prayer area are arranged beside this area. The stairway too is close to the family living area. The walls highlighted using stunning texture work enhances the charm of the stair area. The reading space arranged beneath the stairway is another major spot that draws attention. A unique book shelf which has an in – built clock is an eye catching piece here.

There are four bedrooms arranged in both the floors. The bedrooms are spacious and exude the classy charm of the modern style. The kitchen dons the striking shade of red which is the favorite colour of Johnson’s wife. The kitchen is positioned where it cannot be viewed from the rest of the areas inside the house. The view of the kitchen is not possible even from the dining area. The breakfast area is arranged in the pantry section itself.

Multipurpose areas

Most of the interior spaces have been designed for multiple purposes. Maintenance is quite easier as complex design features or decor aren’t used in this house. The sitting area, with in–built storage spaces, arranged opposite the formal living area is extremely cozy and ensures privacy as well.

Indoor plants are arranged in the water body to make sure that exclusive views of the dining area are not possible from the foyer. The vertical garden, meanwhile, is arranged in the area which leads to the backyard. The beauty of the vertical garden could be enjoyed from the dining space. Johnson says the guests, impressed by the incredible features of his house, often enquire about the plan of it. The family is extremely happy that their amazing abode looks exactly like they have dreamed.

Project Facts

Location – Varakkara, Thrissur

Area – 4000 SFT

Owner – Johnson

Designer – Sanil Chacko

Spacescape Architects, Thrissur

Ph - 9496786753