This renovated Perinthalmanna mansion is supremely stunning

The elegance of laterite stones adds a rustic charm to the elevation of the house.

This house at Perinthalmanna in Kerala built around 17 years ago, in 5207 sq ft, was recently renovated to suit the living conditions and facilities of the modern times. Though the old house was spacious and had almost all the facilities, its unique construction didn’t allow sun light or air into the interiors, making the spaces look darker and suffocating as well. The family wanted to rearrange the interior spaces so that there would be abundant supply of sunshine and fresh air, illuminating the spaces and making it pleasanter. Living and dining spaces, kitchen and four bedrooms were arranged in two stories in the old structure.


The exteriors, which exude an enchanting charm of the quaint traditional architecture, are retained, with a bit of touch up to highlight its unique features. However, the spaces have been given a modern makeover and rearrangement as well. The elegance of laterite stones adds a rustic charm to the elevation. Renewed landscapes and newly added light fittings in the garden project the majestic look of the elevation.

The entrance door opens to the foyer space. A plywood ceiling has been newly added here, with beautiful hanging lights, to make the area look attractive. The family living area is on the right side of the foyer.


The old dining area has been turned into a spacious living space. Meanwhile, two windows in the dining area, that are around 3 meters high, have been converted into a sliding door. This area now became spacious with more facilities. A sitting space and a pantry too are built by adding partitions in the old kitchen. The swimming pool, close to the structure, is a spot where the family gathers to cool off. There is a spacious gym area, with an upper storey art gallery, opposite the pool area. The art gallery has been specially arranged for the owner’s daughter who is a talented artist. A prayer area and a common bathroom too have been additionally added as part of the renovation.


The plywood and veneer ceiling above the family living area is an eye-catching feature. The stairway, which is retained as it is, stands regally in the family living area. This stair area flaunts the classy elegance of teak wood.


One can enter the guest dining area and the kitchen from the family living area. The roof designed in double height is the highlight of the guest dining. This dining area is arranged in a separate space which is around 6 meters higher than the level of the floor. The glass opening here allows the stunning view of the swimming pool outside. This area is highlighted by paving marble on the floor, where the dining table is arranged. A family dining area and a ladies’ sitting space too are arranged beside this space. The texture finish on the wall is extended to the ceiling as well, which enhances the mesmerizing look of the dining area and family living areas.


Now, there are 6 bedrooms, arranged in both the floors. All these rooms have been designed following traditional features and styles. Attractive patterns on the ceiling and the texture works make the rooms stand out. There are in – built wardrobe units for storage and separate dressing spaces are also arranged in the house.


Besides, a working kitchen there is a show kitchen as well. There is a walk way and a well between these kitchens. One can even get outside the house from this area. Architect Arshak Ali who designed the house says that each space has been renovated or rearranged by giving prime importance to the interests and preferences of the family.

Project Facts

Location – Thirurkad, Perinthalmanna

Plot – 3 acres


Old structure – 5207 SFT

Renovated structure – 6788 SFT

Owner – Ibrahim

Designer – Arshak Ali

Nirman Tower, Kozhikode and Manjeri

Ph – 9072223412

Year of renovation - 2019