Stunning house in Kozhikode that wows admirers non-stop

The house, with its eye-catching designs and plan drawn out meticulously, has rewritten the rules of house construction in Kerala.

Farook Ummar’s brand new house at Nadakkavu in Kozhikode, Kerala, looks straight out of a fairytale with its huge glass structures and well lit corridors. This house, which has some unusual yet stunning features, has been designed to give prominence to the themes of minimalism and natural lighting. Parts of the exterior walls are not painted and don a rugged cement finish which adds the perfect contrast. The house and the spaces are spread along the plot, not constrained by a definite shape or structure. This is one pivotal factor which grants incredible vastness to this beautiful house. Besides, it is in perfect sync with the nature which makes the house look like an exotic luxury resort.


The huge glass windows that open to the lush greenery outside are the highlight of the house. The solar reflexive glasses reflect the sun rays while letting in only the light. This not only helps reduce the heat inside the house, but illuminates the entire house with amazing sunshine. Well-designed cross ventilation makes the house extremely pleasant and comfortable. There is no need to switch on the air conditioner during the day or night. Landscaping too has been given equal importance as it plays a vital role in enhancing the scintillating look of the house. Not just in the front yard, plants are grown inside the house as well adding a hint of greenery.


This amazing abode, designed in 4200 sq ft area, has formal and family living areas, dining hall, kitchen with an adjacent work area, five bedrooms, courtyard, entertainment room, open terrace and a balcony as well. Unlike the usual houses, this unique dwelling doesn’t have a sit out or a car porch.

The house faces the south direction, from where the sunlight fall the most. There is a cosy courtyard closer to the entrance area. The interiors do not have any over the top decor or blinding colours that disrupt the rustic charm of the house or the unity of the theme. There are free flowing, open spaces in the interiors that are not separated by unnecessary walls. The double-heighted ceiling, at some places, makes the house look incredibly vaster. The custom made furniture truly compliments the minimalist theme of the house.

The family living area and the dining space are part of the open hall. The double height ceiling and the huge glass windows lend a dreamy look to this space.


The handrails of the stairway are made of steel and wood. The height between the steps is comparatively lesser, making it easier for the kids and the elderly to climb the stairs.


There are two bedrooms in the ground floor and three in the upper storey. The bath-attached bedrooms have built-in wardrobes for storage and separate dressing spaces as well. The rooms too have lots of glass windows that bring a slice of nature inside.


You could enjoy a spectacular play of light, inside the house, during the daytime, when the sun changes its positions. From the pleasant early morning rays to the bright noon shine and the soft evening light, the sun creates perfect patterns and textures that add different looks and moods to the interiors. This house, with its eye-catching designs and plan drawn out meticulously, has rewritten the rules of house construction in Kerala. While it was being constructed, many had made fun of its unconventional structure or expressed reservations about it. However, now, they have become admirers of this enchanting house.


Project Facts

Location – Nadakkavu, Kozhikode

Plot – 16.5 cents

Area – 4200 SFT

Owner – Farook Ummar

Architects – Nilhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil, Though Parallel Architecture, Kozhikode

Mob – 9400482899

Year of completion – 2018