Brilliant design, meticulous plan make this Adoor house a head-turner

The exteriors feature the contemporary box style that is simple, elegant and eye-catching as well.

Priji, a lawyer by profession, is happy and proud that he has been able to build his dream home in his hometown in Ezhamkulam near Adoor in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. The family wanted a double storied house with three bedrooms and a separate office space. Besides, they wanted the interiors to have abundant supply of natural light and fresh air. The architect has designed this beautiful house catering to the likes and aspirations of the family members.


The exteriors feature the contemporary box style that is simple, elegant and eye-catching as well. The walls, meanwhile, don the classy combination of white and grey hues. The wall beside the entrance is highlighted using wooden planks.


There is a sit-out, living and dining spaces, courtyard, and kitchen with an adjacent work area, three bedrooms, an office, upper hall and an open terrace in 2226 sq ft area.


The shoe rack is arranged on the verandah itself. Interestingly, this could be used as a sitting space too. The interiors reflect the charming elegance of minimalism. The lighter shades of hues make the spaces look vaster. The interiors aren’t overcrowded with furniture; instead a few pieces of beautiful furniture add oodles of charm to spaces.


Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor. The handrails of the stairway are made with stainless steel. The living and the dining areas are designed in the open theme. As there aren’t any unnecessary interior walls to separate the spaces, the house feels bigger and spacious.

Two simple couches and a coffee table complete the formal living area. The dining table, meanwhile, can easily accommodate up to eight guests. Most pieces of furniture are ready made and easily blend with the spaces.


The courtyard is the highlight of the interiors. This area is uniquely designed in a way which allows the beautiful sights of the courtyard from the living and the dining areas and the office as well. The floor of the courtyard is paved with natural stones with grass borders as a highlight.


The pergola skylight above the courtyard brings lots of natural sun shine into the house. Besides, the louvres welcome cool breeze to make the interiors feel extremely comfortable. Vertical pergolas in GI tubes too are installed here to push out the warm air. This courtyard indeed plays a vital role in filling the interiors with positive vibes.


The kitchen is furnished in marine plywood with PU paint finish. The grey and yellow theme of the kitchen is quite interesting as it adds a pop of vibrant colour. Meanwhile, granite is paved on the counter top. The skylight on the ceiling brings in lots of sunshine that amazingly illuminate the kitchen. This is a unique feature, unlike the kitchens in the houses in Kerala that are usually dark, with no sufficient openings or windows. In this house, there is no need to switch on the light in the kitchen during the day time.


The bedrooms are designed giving prime importance to cross ventilation. The bath-attached bedrooms have wardrobes for storage as well. The beautiful curtain fittings and elegant lighting enhances the mesmerizing look of these rooms.


The stairway leads to a corridor where a wall is covered with GI louvres. Yellow palm plants are kept here to bring a slice of nature into the house. There is a bath attached bedroom and an open terrace in the upper storey.

This house becomes quite special as it is designed to suit the unique interests of the family. The simple design features, the spaces that are filled with natural light and air and the pleasant atmosphere make this house the perfect dream abode. The family says that the guests, impressed by the designs and features, often ask them for the plan of the house.

Project Facts

Location – Ezhamkulam, Adoor

Plot – 25 cents

Area – 2226 SFT

Owner – Priji M

Designers – Anil Prasad, Unnikrishnan, Rijo Varghese

Better Design Studio, Adoor, Pathanamthitta

Mob – 97446 63654

Year of completion - 2020