Stylish, space efficient house in Thrissur that stands on just 4 cents

The exposed laterite claddings that are the highlight of the exteriors add the perfect contrast against the plain white walls.

Architect Manasi shares her experiences of designing a beautiful house for a small family, in just 4 cents.

Dr. Jefy’s brand new house at Kunnamkulam in the Thrissur district is a modern abode with three bedrooms and all the facilities required for a small family. Manasi says that the family wanted to build the structure by retaining the well in the backyard.


Jefy and his mother Shanta are the only people staying at this house. The mother is a bit skeptical whether her son would feel uncomfortable in the future, due to space constraints. However, she was adamant that their new house should be built there as the church and her friends were close by, and she felt comfortable and happy in their presence even if her son was busy. However, the architect had decided that she would design such a spectacular house that the family wouldn’t wish to leave because of space constrains.

The family had imagined a contemporary style house with all the modern facilities. This area is known for the availability of laterite stones and most houses there were once constructed in these stones. To celebrate the memory of such houses, exposed laterite claddings are featured on both the exterior and interior walls. The earthy tone of this feature adds a rustic charm to the spaces. The exposed laterite claddings that are the highlight of the exteriors add the perfect contrast against the plain white walls. This design feature is continued on the small sit out and the boundary wall as well. The car porch constructed in GI industrial work is projected from the façade of the house.


This quaint house, designed in 1950 sq ft area, has a car porch, sit-out, living and dining hall, kitchen with adjacent work area, stairway, three bedrooms and an open terrace as well. The spaces in the interiors are meticulously designed to make it efficient and beautiful. Manasi says that only a few windows could be installed as the house had to be protected from the harsh sun light from the west direction and also because there are too many houses close by. So, she had to design the spaces ensuring enough supply of natural light and cool air. An opening across the length of the house, on the ceiling, welcomes lots of natural sun shine into the house.


The interiors are designed in the minimal style. Tiles in rustic finish are paved on the floor. The furniture made in the veneer and plywood finish blend well with the spaces. The stairway, meanwhile, is built using GI. The pebble courtyard beneath the stairway is the highlight of the interiors. The wall beside the stairway is designed in double height. The pergola skylight on the ceiling here brings in natural light that illuminates the interiors.


The bedrooms are simple yet with all the facilities. Two bedrooms are bath-attached and there is a common bathroom as well. Built-in wardrobes are arranged in all the rooms for storage. The kitchen cabinets are in glass finish. Meanwhile, the counter top is paved with black granite. The adjacent work area completes the kitchen.

As there is excellent ventilation and the spaces are naturally illuminated, there is no need to switch on the lights and fans during the day time. The interiors have a pleasant atmosphere as it isn’t too warm inside.


“I believe ‘art’ is inseparable from architecture. There is an installation of soaring dragonflies made of wire on the double heighted wall. The dragonflies represent happiness and prosperity as they are mostly seen during the Onam season. What else could represent the happiness in their lives other than the wire dragonflies on that wall where light, time and shadows come together in harmony,” asks Manasi.

Project Facts

Location – Kunnamkulam, Thrissur

Plot – 4 cents

Area – 1950 sq ft

Owners – Dr. Jefy Cherian and Shanta Cherian

Architects – Guruprasad and Manasi

Bhoomija Creations, Pattambi

Mob – 98953 53291