The ideal height for your home

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Everything from the bed to the computer table or even a dressing table have certain height requirements that you need to adhere to for comfort and health reasons.

Rooms: The best height for rooms in general is 275 cm (9 feet). This is comfortable enough height when it comes to cleaning or maintenance too. If it’s a double height ceiling that you have in mind, you can go for a height of 12 or 13 feet.

Bed: For beds the height should be calculated from the floor till the top of the bed. The ideal measurement for this is around 45–50 cm. If it is more or less, then it will prove difficult for senior citizens or invalids. This can be adjusted for the beds in the kid's rooms.

Dressing mirror: The height of the mirror on your dressing table may not affect the health in any way. But a full height mirror of 210 cm or 7 feet is the best bet. It is always better to place the mirror just above the skirting.

Computer table: A computer table that is not of the right height can give you persistent neck pains or shoulder strain. You should be able to face the screen straight without slouching. From the ground till the top of the table, there should be a height requirement of 75 cm.

Kitchen counter top: The counter top in the kitchen should be built keeping in mind the height of the lady of the house. Nevertheless the most comfortable height for kitchen work will be 80-90 cm from the ground till the top of the counter. If you intend to place a dishwasher or oven in the cabin, then the height should be no less than 90 cm. Most of these appliances come at a height of 85 cm.