Gurugram PCR vans drop stranded women to their home

Gurugram PCR vans drop stranded women to their home

Gurugram: The Police Control Room (PCR) vans in Gurugram have switched to round-the-clock 'active duty' to address distress calls and help stranded women commuters at night following rape-murder of a woman veterinarian in Hyderabad.

This initiative has been appreciated by local residents, especially women.

Suman Yadav, a resident of Sector 5, thanks the police for helping his mother reach home safely after she was unable to get any public transport.

Hemlata, a senior citizen, did not have a smartphone either to book a cab. She was stuck late Wednesday in Sector 58.

She called her daughter who immediately contacted the police control room and a PCR van reached for assistance.

"My mother went to Sector 58 to meet her childhood friend and was returning at night. As the area hardly has public transport, the PCR van drove her to our residence around 10pm," Suman Yadav said.

"Commissioner Mohamad Akil has fixed accountability of PCR staff as well as station in-charge of police stations to take swift and immediate help to distressed persons including women and senior citizens at night," said Subhash Bokan, PRO of Gurugram police.

"The police personnel will be monitored through the police control room. Action would be taken if they are found guilty of negligence," he said.

"We have police helpline number 100 and women helpline number 1091 to provide assistance," Bokan said.

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij told the state Assembly said on December 3 that the government, on the lines of the Chandigarh Police, will provide late night drop service to women in distress.

He also said that police officers have also been alerted after the Telangana doctor's rape-murder incident.

The Haryana government will also purchase 400 PCR vans for the purpose.

Chandigarh police have started a service for women who are stuck outside their place of stay late at night or are unable to find taxi to reach back home.

"In such cases, the woman may call the PCR at No. 100. The PCR will send its vehicle to safely to drop the woman to her place of stay within Chandigarh," a notice on Chandigarh Police website portal said.