GATE candidates! 10 steps to clear it with ease

GATE candidates! 10 steps to clear it with ease

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the unique examinations which open an incredible scope of higher education and jobs in the engineering field. However, it is not easy to open this ‘GATE’ which leads to success and greater knowledge acquisition. Every year, a mere 15 -20 per cent of candidates get through the GATE, among the thousands of aspirants who write the exam. However, experts say that most candidates do not approach GATE with the seriousness it deserves. They add that this premium examination could be cracked by anyone if he/she prepares with proper planning and dedication.

The applications for this year’s GATE could be submitted from 3rd September onwards. The exam would be held in February next year, which gives the candidates 6 months to prepare and practice for the exam.

“I am someone who prepared for the GATE on my own. Lots of study materials are available online. However, it is better to read reference books to understand the concepts. The one advantage with preparing at a coaching centre is that the study materials would be easily accessible,” says Geeth George who won the 10th rank in GATE 2019. She is currently pursuing MTech in electrical engineering at IISC Bengaluru.
Follow these 10 smart points to open the GATE pretty easily:

Planning: A proper study plan has to be prepared based on your previous knowledge in various subjects, syllabus, marking scheme and the time at hand until the exam date. Divide the subjects into portions that could be studied within days, weeks or months.

Smart work: Instead of randomly choosing the portions, the entire syllabus has to be covered according to a proper time table. Do not keep aside any subject. In the beginning, you could study up to 4 hours and gradually increase it up to 10 hours a day.

Revision: There is no point in mugging up subjects without constantly revising it. A single portion should be revised at least 4 times. The increased number of revisions improves your chances of cracking the exam. Time should be allotted for revision in your study plan.

Start with the basics: Every branch would have two or three basic concepts or portions. You should proceed to complex subjects only after studying the basic concepts.

Prepare notes: The concepts should be consolidated and written as small notes that are legible and understandable to you. The important formulae should be written and practiced in separate notebooks. Reserve at least an hour every day to practice it.

Mock tests: Lots of quality mock tests are available online. Practice at least 10 such mock tests, preferably in situations similar to that of real GATE exam, within the allotted time. This helps you grab at least 10 marks easily.

Practice questions from previous years: As soon as you finish studying a portion, practice similar questions from the question papers of previous years. You should be accustomed to the question papers of at least the last 10 years.

Discuss: Discussing a concept in a group is the easiest way to by heart it. However, the listener should be interested in such subjects.

Newgen techniques: Free mobile applications which help you prepare for GATE are easily available in many online communities and on Telegram app. These modes of communication could be used for clearing doubts and having a clear idea about the various concepts of the exam.