Sabarimala violence: Accused face a whopping Rs 13 lakh bail amount

Sabarimala violence: Accused face a whopping Rs 13 lakh bail amount
Over 1,500 people arrested for violence have been released on police station bail so far and some others have to approach the court to secure bail.

Thiruvananthapuram: The accused rounded up by the police in connection with the violence related to the entry of young women in Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple are in deep trouble. They will have to cough up amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 13 lakh to secure bail. These people have been charged with causing damage to police vehicles and KSRTC buses.

The sum of Rs 13 lakh has been fixed for granting bail to the activists who allegedly pushed the vehicle of Sannidhanam special officer S P Ajith into a ravine at Nilakkal. There are nine accused in the case registered in connection with this incident.

Several vehicles belonging to the police, government and the media were damaged during the violence at Nilakkal. The accused in these cases may need to deposit an amount of Rs 8-9 lakh to secure bail.

The amount will be decided by the court.

Meanwhile, the crackdown on the suspects in the cases registered following the Sabarimala incidents is continuing for the third consecutive day. Over 700 people were nabbed during Thursday night alone, taking the total number of arrests to 2,061 so far. The police have registered 452 cases across the state in connection with the violence.

Special teams formed at the district level are still searching for the remaining 1,000-odd suspects.

The police are firm on setting up the security arrangements for ensuring the entry of women of 10-50 age group, said the DGP.

Over 1,500 people arrested so far have been released on station bail. But the accused in the cases registered over the incidents at Nilakkal and damaging vehicles at various parts of the state would have to approach the court for bail. These are the people who are faced with paying lakhs of rupees. Around 300 of those arrested have already been remanded.