Visit Phuket to soak in the breathtaking scenery

Patong tropical beach from aerial view, Phuket South of Thailand.

A trip to Phuket in Thailand along with chums offers a thrilling experience. This destination is termed a paradise by many travellers. Visa formalities can be completed quickly at Phuket airport before heading to the resorts which are always crowded with tourists.

The first programme at Phuket can be a walk to Bangla Street at Patong. The scenes here are amazing. Even though Bangla Street is not as thrilling as the Walking Street in Pattaya, the place is alive with a variety of bars, entertaining street shows and great music.

Visitors can spend time easily in Bangla Street. If a member of the tour party wants a tattoo of his favourite deity, including a Hindu god like Ganapathy on the arm, it can be done at Bangla Street. Others can visit one of the several massage parlours lining the path.


A tour agent can arrange a vehicle for tourists for sightseeing. From the resorts near Patong, it takes a one-hour travel to reach the starting point of the sightseeing tour by boat. Ideally, a '5-in-1' package can be availed which includes visits to Panak Island, JB Island, Panyee Island, Hong Island and Lawa Island.

The breakfast will be served in the boat. Most tourists move to the front side of the boat from where they can have the best views of the scenery. After the boat is anchored off Panak Island, the visitors are taken to Bat Caves in a canoe. The guide accompanying them gives a commentary on the lagoons and marine life, including fish, seen inside the cave.


After returning from the cave, the travellers set out for Panyee, a village of Muslim fishermen. The houses and shops here are built above water and rest on wooden stumps. Visitors can watch the everyday life in this unique village over water by wandering along a walkway. The goods sold at the shops include several food stuff and other items.

The next stop is Hong Island, from where another trip in a canoe leads to a mangrove forest. The path is between rocks and tree stumps jutting out of the water. Rowing some distance, a huge rock with several trees is reached. The mangroves, while sucking the saline water, let out the salt through their leaves. These plants also breathe under water similar to fish. The water in this area is not deep and sometime later, the boat is reached, rowing along another path.


The lunch will be ready in the boat, which soon moves to Khao Phong Kan, also called JB (James Bond) Island. It was the shooting location of the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun.' There is a rock referred to as 'Ko Ta Pu' here which has a unique shape – it is long, vertically placed and has a height of around 20 m. The green-coloured and clear water along with the views of the cliffside are visually much pleasing.

The boat later sails to the Lawa Island, where too the scenery is breathtaking. The beauty of the raging waves and the roaring sound they create leave the visitors spell-bound.


After spending some time on the beach, everyone can return to the resort. An oil massage eases all the fatigued muscles in the body and it will be a refreshing experience for the travellers. No visitor would want to leave Phuket, but one cannot stay there forever. A return to the daily grind is unavoidable. However, tasty food from the airport lounge in Phuket and a Thai massage make the flight back home refreshing.