Head to Thrissur Kappi Club for some refreshing samovar tea


Sajeevan opened the Thrissivaperur Kappi Club at the Pandisamooham road near The Thrissur Swaraj round, after trying his hands at running an extremely successful hotel. He wanted to serve refreshing tea and coffee and mouthwatering evening snacks to the foodies of Thrissur. The quaint eatery opens at 6.45 am and delicious dal vada is the first dish that is served here.

Breakfast dishes like idli, upma and puri are served for just two hours in the morning. Meanwhile, a delicious procession of hot and crispy dal vada, uzhunnu vada and sukhiyan would make its way from the kitchen to the glass cupboards in the front. Besides these, masala bonda, kesari, cutlets, raw plantain bhajji or fritters, chili fritters, bread roast and pazhampori or banana fritters are some of their specialties.

Cool and refreshing curd saadam and tasty vegetable biryani are served for a short while during the noon time. Sajeevan says that he began to serve curd saadam and biryani, not because the shop is large enough to accommodate many customers who come in for the lunch service. He was disturbed by the tired faces of many, who walk out of the eatery disappointed, knowing that only snacks and not rice items are available here.

Every day, curd saadam is cooked with just 2 kilos of rice and the dish would be served until it gets over. Meanwhile, the snacks too would be cooked at the hotel’s kitchen as there are many who prefer to have a tea and a light snack at noon.

The eatery isn't very spacious and its long interiors are crowded like the compartment of a train. There aren't any tables for the customers to sit comfortably and eat. A desk attached to one of the walls and a few chairs complete the interiors. The hotel is run and maintained like local tea shops that are commonly seen in the rural settings. However, foodies throng this hotel to enjoy the 'local' set up right in the middle of the busy city.

Sajeevan says that they frequently change the oil in which the snacks are cooked, as the regular customers may easily recognize if there is a change in the taste of the food. The snacks are cooked fresh when the already prepared batch is sold out. They won't prepare food in advance as it would turn cold and soggy. Pazhampori or banana fritters are a superstar among the snacks as there are many takers for it. Long pieces of sweet and ripe bananas are used to make the fritters.

This eatery could easily be called a gallery which reflects the rich history and vivid culture of Thrissur. The walls are adorned with beautiful drawings and sketches. As soon as one enters the Kappi Club, the eyes are drawn to the drawing of Shaktan Thampuarn with his sword drawn. Thrissur's own Aana Davis, Navab Rajendran and Theetta Rappayi, too, are featured on the walls. The picture of an elephant truly represents the city's love for festivals. The tea and coffee prepared in the traditional way from an old samovar draws hundreds of tea lovers to the Thrissivaperur Kappi Club.