Get your bubble tea fix in Kochi this summer at Smoky Ice

Various Bubble Tea in a plastic cups with drink straws on blue background. Take away drinks concept.

Tiny jelly balls which add oodles of texture are the latest superstars in the world of cold drinks. These chewy balls, called 'boba,' don't easily melt in the mouth and come in myriad flavours. They are added in cold tea or coffee or any fizzy drinks to make them exciting and unique. The jelly balls, made with water, sugar, and fruit juices, slowly melt inside the drink making it flavoursome and delicious. They give ordinary green tea and shakes, a stylish and tasty makeover to bubble tea and shakes.

The drink has to be sipped slowly while biting onto the bubbles which are a bit thicker than the usual jelly balls. Experts say that the drinks shouldn't be sipped rapidly as you would miss the delicious flavour of the melted bubbles.

The idea of the bubble cafe had come all the way from Taiwan, where bubble drinks are incredibly common. The Smoky Ice Cafe which functions in the Grand Central Mall opposite the Infopark in Kochi, whips up some delicious bubble drinks, by using bubbles or boba imported from Taiwan.

The boba which are used as a topping in the drinks are made with milk, tapioca mixture, fruits juices, agar agar, and pudding base.

The owners of the Smoky Ice Café say that though the idea of bubble tea is unique, people queue up to taste the rich and delicious bubble shakes. The mango bubble shake is the most popular item on their summer menu. The blueberry fizz too has many takers. Blueberry bobas, tapioca pearls, and blueberry nata de coco are added in this super-delicious cold drink. The nata de coco is made by fermenting the coconut water.

An exciting fusion of flavours could be created by mixing bubbles of different flavours. The tiramisu bubbles which taste exactly like the classic Italian dessert are the latest addition. The flavours of chocolate and coffee explode in your mouths as you bite into these chewy and delicious bubbles.