Tasty 'tharikanji' at Masafi restaurant in Kochi


Finger millet or ragi is an excellent storehouse of iron and other essential vitamins. It could be included in the daily diet of young kids and even old people as the millet is easy on the stomach. 'Tharikanji' or porridge made with millet is extremely delicious and nutritious. The special tharikanji prepared at the Masafi restaurant in Kadavanthra has incredible flavour of shallots roasted in ghee.

The porridge is neatly packed in containers and remains fresh for long. It is not too sweet, but has a great texture from the rich coconut milk. The aroma of the fresh ghee wafts from the dish as soon as you open the container. The specks of millet don't dissolve easily, making the porridge thick. It floats in the coconut milk adding oodles of texture and taste. Tharikanji is garnished generously with roasted cashews.